Small investment projects for the election of Liu pie folder steamed potatoes

for now this era, entrepreneurship is undoubtedly a thing everyone can do, for entrepreneurs should abandon the concept of regional differences, regional entrepreneurship is not limited. And now the rural development is good, entrepreneurs in rural areas is also a good choice, there are many suitable in rural areas to do the project, only a few people are willing to try, everybody is afraid of a mistake it will lose much of the original capital, in fact, no investment will not want to earn income, but to come up with half of the investment. Small project. Today Xiaobian recommend a suitable in rural areas do rich project: Liu potato pie folder steamed to join


pie" is one of the brands of Shaanxi Lipeng Levin Catering Management Co., Ltd., is a business cake products, with features as one of the brand around the cake shop. In November 2014, the first successful store opened in Xi’an, more than 1 years, the company has developed into a store in Shaanxi has been the home of the world, has become a brand snack in Xi’an, more than and 30.

Liu pie, as the name implies, Liu, founder of big cake. Started products for potato chips with the steamed bread (also called potato sandwiches) generally originated in nineteenth Century 80s and 90s, Shaanxi County of Gaoling province is the birthplace of.

said that the 75 anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China one day in September, a young man surnamed Liu went to Gaoling to visit friends, after Gaoling county middle school entrance, saw a store in front of a long row of the team, in the sparsely populated streets seem particularly striking, they went to find out, the original is sold in this cake. Enormous cake, a few on potato chips in Chili oil oil pepper inside it, caught in the big cake which is very special. So the Gaoling friends mentioned, friends laugh after listening to over seventy years of age. A friend turns out to be one of the first people management chips with the steamed bread, the unique formula of products and unique craft is very understand. Immediately, this young man surnamed Liu will think communication with friends you want to shop, a friend is very support, coincidentally, friends also surnamed liu. "Liu pie" came into being.

in November 2014, this surnamed Liu who opened the first store in Xi’an, fish of the village now, the brand has been in the ancient city of Xi’an stationed crazy snacks.

Crazy story

two Liu people and their "Liu pie", still continue to unfold, we eat cake, will first think of "Liu pie".

our development concept: we use innovation beyond professional, improve the quality of professional quality, brand development, and we are convinced that the commitment to achieve full 100 in Shaanxi in 3 years, 5 years to achieve the 300, 50 years to achieve the global 3000.

our commitment to our employees: we will give all

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