Panyu East Central Street Village entrepreneurship promotion will be held

management of open activity, entrepreneurship has become a national Carnival Craze, from city to countryside, more and more people walk on the road of entrepreneurship. Guangzhou, as the forefront of China’s opening up innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship in the earlier also achieved universal popularity.

invited entrepreneurs and management experience as a business instructor, the contents of the course include the current business situation analysis, entrepreneurial project selection, market research and business risk prevention, combined with their own business process and around examples to participate in the activities of the villagers share entrepreneurial experience and experience, and also during the villagers derivative at present, the popular online business interact, to answer their doubts and warm atmosphere. East Central Street of labor and social security center to the villagers issued business promotional materials, on the street and district business subsidies, hope to take this opportunity to increase the business knowledge, to help the villagers realize entrepreneurship entrepreneurial aspirations. Participate in the activities of Mr. Zhang said: I am currently operating a shop on the Internet, but the business situation has been unsatisfactory. Through this promotion site and teacher exchanges, I recognized the problem and find the sales channels and new marketing methods, on the day after the entrepreneurial way more confident."

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