Medium and low alcohol wine brands

now ordinary people’s dinner table also appeared in a number of brand wine, these wine positioning low, in order to let more people understand the product, get more room for development. Medium and low wine to join the brand recommended, Xiaobian to take you count.

Bao Wei grape liquor brand

Xifeng Liquor Brand

Xifeng agent how much money? The four famous wine production in Fengxiang Xifeng Chinese Liulin County of Baoji City, Shaanxi Province town, began in the Shang Dynasty, flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasty, has been three thousand years of history, splendid culture. General factory offers low discount supply, annual profit of more than one million. One of the most influential brands of Chinese liquor. Wholesale, 100% genuine, fake a lose ten, support cash on delivery.

by imported wine

gold wine liquor qualityHow much money

either red or white, these cheap drinks to the brand in the market has a specific consumer groups, and people’s consumption ability is very strong. So invest in this project, so that more small investors as soon as possible to embark on the road to riches.


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