Operating car accessories to focus on human and personalized

as a result of the current number of cars is very large, so that a variety of car related business is also hot up. However, the business is now the market is extremely hot, if you want to operate a better condition, naturally also need to grasp the relevant methods. Here, Xiao Bian stressed that if you want to run a good car accessories, we must pay attention to humanization and personalization.

currently on the market a lot of car accessories pays great attention to humanized design, fashion, jewelry and any settings and performance without changing the layout of the car, do not need to spend much money to achieve good results, especially by car owners like.

for families with children, children’s safety is the primary problem. For example, the safety belt is designed for adults, not suitable for young children to use, Guangzhou Kasili developed a "Paul five combo baby car seat / walk seat" is specifically for infants and children under 6 years old design, convenient family car travel with young children.


chair of its own weight is small, convenient for parents to carry, but can bear ability, can be applied to children 2 to 18 kg. Another feature of the seat can be transformed into a walking chair, dining out, but also can be used as a child’s dining seat, reducing the number of unnecessary trouble.

for young people, the unique perfume, dolls, steering wheel sets, CD boxes, floor mats, cool stickers, camping items, rear-view mirror sets, tissue boxes, ashtrays are more attractive. 76 Japanese brands of small oil drums, orange red football, pink KITTY cat like, exquisite watch like, wheel shaped, golden statue of Guanyin buddha…… All let a person fondle admiringly.

has a variety of classic Disney animation decals in pattern; coverings is richer, there is a light green coverings, emblazoned with a white SNOOPY, looks very lovely naughty, often attracted to store the female owners screaming. These all sorts of gadgets, have a huge market demand, and often expensive — a bottle of perfume is generally more than 100 yuan, a cushion of about $800.

now many operators do business entirely from their own point of view, and can not put consumers in the first place, leading to the store’s business can not get a better operation. If you want to successfully run a car jewelry store, the above content naturally need to pay attention to.