The farmer was 140 pounds per kilogram sold Taisui million yuan price

Liaoning a farmer to get a piece of 140 pounds of Jupiter in the mountains last year, now has sold half earned 600 thousand yuan for home, about a pound of ten thousand yuan. Such a huge income so that people around envy.

According to the

it is reported that the Jupiter is also called Ganoderma lucidum, the ancients believed that ever-young elixir. Scientists think that modern Taisui is a rare polymer composed of slime molds, bacteria and fungi of three kinds of bacteria, and on the "Jupiter", action and pharmacodynamics, in biology has always been controversial.

46 year old Wang Chengde, who lives in the town of Changan Snow Village 1 groups. In the autumn of 2014, he went to the mountains to take care of the chestnut tree. He passed through a muddy place. Because of the bad road conditions, he walked slowly and carefully. At this time, Wang Chengde suddenly found not far from there is a yellow object, looks like a giant stone, approached looked carefully and found the unknown surface like pig fat meat, oily look, there is a meat wrapped layers, from dark red to bright yellow, color separation a lot of levels.

Wang Chengde foot gently kicked it, found the unknown long shaking a few. He is the first time to see such a strange thing, then hand hard unidentified top convex part of the pull down, get in front of looked and looked, feel this thing looks like a mushroom, can be looked back, the unknown look is more than and 70 kilograms, the mountain how the president such a big mushroom? I do not get it in the end is what, anxious to do farm work he will hand piece to continue up the mountain farm in place.

After the first encounter with

A few months later during the

, every day Wang Chengde Internet access to the relevant information, "Jupiter" online will be the first time I saw their unknown photographs sent to experts, after various affirmation, in March 18th 15, he took two plastic bags again went up the hill.

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