Japan’s electricity supplier and the real economy to achieve coexistence and common prosperity

Japan’s electricity supplier is also very rapid development, however, the Japanese commercial entities to resist the economic impact of the electricity supplier, has its own way. In Osaka, for example, the commercial form of Osaka commercial street, the station business ecological map, convenience store layout.

in commercial street, with delicacy stations, drug stores, clothing stores, video store and supplies shop, to idle away in seeking pleasure a dragon, a commercial pedestrian street can often stretches two or three kilometers, and equipped with canopy.

in each store in the store of goods and merchandise packaging a superb collection of beautiful things, the Japanese are generally small, a shelf from top to bottom can be separated from seven or eight layers, so even if the general store can also put the absolute number of large varieties of goods, for customers to choose. And the next line stores each has different characteristics, customers can choose a larger room.

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China as people use electricity supplier shopping, most of the primary concern focus on the price of electricity supplier, electricity supplier generally cheaper than the line

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