The difficulties and suggestions of college students entrepreneurship faced

countries encourage entrepreneurship, increasing the proportion of college students in China each year, more and more college students, employment pressure, many college students to own the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship of college students face many problems, because college students have no social experience, often do not know how to do in the face of difficulties, the following Xiaobian introduce difficulties and suggestions for enterprise faces College students.

about entrepreneurship policy knowledge. Because there are a lot of entrepreneurship involves the functional departments of College Students’ Entrepreneurship publicity is not in place, the specific content of college students entrepreneurship support do not understand, the students want to start your own business after graduation, but it is not clear that the government has such preferential policies, also don’t know how to make loans to Yin Hangshen. In addition, some have the entrepreneurial intention of college students reflect to some relevant registration formalities, but I do not know where to start, I do not know what a privilege, feeling confused.

the entrepreneurial direction confused. Students from primary school to university, the space of their activities almost confined to the family and school, their social circle is limited to relatives and friends, teachers and students, the lack of understanding of the society, the students want to start, but in the venture, entrepreneurial orientation selection was very confused, even some students choose the road of entrepreneurship, but the road does not go long.

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