How much does it cost to join a hot pot

now many investors want to own shop when the boss, but suffer no good projects, do not know what to invest. Here, Xiao Bian recommend to you a profiteering project, spicy hot". Maybe some people here will see a smile, the streets and lanes Malatang common snack how likely is the huge project? And open the shop so much spicy, even if there is no competition to open it. In fact, because of the open Mala Mala shop, only that has a wide market, investors need to do is to open their own characteristics in the shop, improve their competitiveness, at this time, it is very necessary to find a reliable store. So the question is, how much money to join a spicy hot?

Malatang material and a wide variety of meat. Lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, kelp, etc., there are dozens of light vegetable dish, and vegetable dish has the advantages of low cost, for example, take a pound of lettuce, lettuce 1.5 yuan, can be on 15 to 20 strings, a string of count by 1 yuan, the profit is more than ten times the cost. As for the meat, take the example of a ball, about 13 yuan a pound, the same string can be a string of 15 to a string of 2.5 yuan, the profit is also very impressive. Perhaps these data can not give you a very intuitive feeling, then the small series on the small series to go to a store to give another example.

small Malatang is a party, to eat more than 4 times a week malatang. Xiao Bian often go to this shop is very characteristic, it can be said to learn from investors. This shop slogan is "to drink, eat spicy spicy" can’t avoid to add some spicy things, such as pepper, which leads to some people after eating is very easy to get angry, this shop is caught in this soup when adding some herbs as a goal cook, but after treatment, no taste oh. As for how to remove the smell, it is a commercial secret, Xiao Bian did not know.

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