What are the process of opening the store in different places

local economic downturn, a success rate of the poor, many entrepreneurs have different stores ideas, so the remote open stores has become a fashion, get a lot of entrepreneurs from.

in the amount of the total investment to join, go to different places to open stores to be prepared for the funds, usually more than in local stores, the funds required slightly higher. Because, to a business to join, in addition to inspect traffic fee and living expenses in advance, shop in the preparation period, including business license approval, audit and supervision of the construction decoration, usually in the local shop than to long, plus some uncertain factors, often will to increase the cost of shop.

and, in joining, the headquarters of the amount is usually slightly higher than the local total amount, add up, want to go to places to shop in the capital for friends, should be more helpful than local shop.

if it is operating in partnership with others, be sure to run after the funds, only to join the program, so as to avoid each other half-way change, the lack of funds would be unsustainable.


to shop success in different places, must be in different places to shop, to join, rather than the recommended

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