Take your firm step a station owner’s trudge Road

one, determine the direction of your life

I am a rural out of 80, small, father for me good planning of the road of life. However, after 05 years of normal school graduation, I deviated from my father’s arrangement and ran to Wenzhou alone. Just go to work day, fresh and exciting, documentary, editing and planning, with a higher than a salary, party, karaoke, tourism, repeating a simple and happy life, such a beautiful love and I accidentaly across.

she is a local girl, lively and cheerful, not too many words, but we have mutual recognition. Her mother is a very kindly aunt, for me is also good, one day, as I and she chat, aunt very seriously asked me what I plan for the future, with the deduction should be a sentence, it may still work…… In fact, I at that time, he is very confused, do not know what to do, but I clearly remember, aunt said to me, "actually, I don’t need to, what you have now, but as a man, but I hope you can give her a real commitment to"

I can promise what? I don’t think I can promise what, for now can’t achieve something, I usually choose silence, with a bad mood, I came to Shanghai, because I hope, here, to establish their own direction in life.

two, give your site a correct location,


came to Shanghai, I reduce the unnecessary entertainment, what’s more, calm down, think about what you love to do, for what to do, do these things can bring you a positive influence, finally, I chose the network. Also because only in the network, my heart can really quiet down! As a webmaster, it is inevitable to choose to do the station. Some people in order to quickly upgrade the click, do porn stationmaster people in order to make money fast; and choose a virus and I, in the webmaster; think again, choose to do an honest family owners, in consultation with the views of friends, I gave her a good name – "my love".

station, you have to give her position, as a kind of community forum, I will warm for her characteristics, through a more professional and comprehensive information services, build a communication, consultation, sharing a platform, let each a loving heart, can feel deep the soul of goodness! Because since the choice of the owners of this occupation, then I should respect her, he will be as a career, bear their share of responsibility to.

three, strengths and circumvent weaknesses, to solve technical problems

when you really decided to do one thing, the resistance is inevitable, capital, technology, and even some site every kind of, you can’t imagine the things that will haunt you, fortunately, we have a group of trusted friends. From the very beginning, I felt that the background of the website was completely self developed, not realistic. One was too expensive, and the other was two weeks

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