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"do not talk to drivers", "do not push your head out of the window". "Get on the bus in order.""…… In the past, traffic signs with blunt words would be replaced by vivid new signs. The unified public transport signs will be used in all designated districts during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which are from the hands of Tianjin designers. Professor, director of the China logo design and research center of Tianjin Normal University, is responsible for the design of the 79 Beijing Olympic Games public transport signs, which have been completed and submitted to the Ministry of construction and the national standardization management committee. In May this year, the program will be announced to the public, in order to investigate the public’s degree of recognition of the program. The scheme with high recognition and expert recognition will eventually be finalized. Next year, these vivid symbols will be displayed in Beijing and all sections of the city, traffic maps, tourist maps and public transport facilities. After that, they will be promoted to all cities in the country as a national standard.


" these new signs were identified from more than 600 draft designs and pre selection plans, which included 79 signs." Professor Mou Yue said that he designed these signs in line with international standards, but also with Chinese characteristics, so that people who come to China can feel the Chinese culture. For example, food and beverage signs, due to different customs, some countries do not use knives and forks in food and drink, so the symbol for food and drink is not knife and fork, but Chinese chopsticks.

traffic signs are not only necessary for vehicle guidance and safety protection, but also an important way to find urban public facilities and prompt public safety. To make foreign visitors, ordinary people and even children to break the language and the language barrier, one can see these signs, traffic signs of the Beijing Olympic Games are designed according to international standard, including city guiding system, any public field is to guide people in the city in the activities of information system.

wants to learn more about logo design and some art, Here’s more detailed.

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