Zhu Wanzhang how to be a good tourist industry

for a friend, I saw the Zhangjiajie tourism website founder: Zhu Wanzhang, a soldier Wu had the chance to stay in Beijing armed police unit; a first no conception of the tourism network, an amateur who constantly groping internet tourism, Zhangjiajie tourism network successfully create one of Zhangjiajie’s most famous tourist personal webmaster website


is talking with Zhu Wanzhang, I know him more things, he is in Zhangjiajie now do very successful: have their own car, house, wife (just a few days before the wedding), have a website, have their own company, we are very envious. He was very talkative, see his personality charm: enthusiastic, dedicated, full of go, as he wrote in QQ signature "let each tourists to Zhangjiajie tourism happy!" as A fighting spirit soars aloft. In Chinese, there are a lot of people more than his achievement, more strength, but I want to say is that everyone has their own strengths and personality, I think he will make a good tourist site, made some achievements in the tourism network, some of which is worth learning and reference:

1, stay sharp, choose the right industry,

Zhu Wanzhang before serving in the army, the website is utterly ignorant of even utterly ignorant of, on the tourism industry, he is the Tujia people a genuine, when he saw his peerless scenery, he has decided to join the tourism industry


out of the mountains from Xiangxi where people are yearning for a modern city life, but his love of Xiangxi this ancient and beautiful, full of mysterious legend of the land, he said before a tour guide, the tour guide said "to introduce Zhangjiajie to the lake from five peerless scenery Sihai friends, to return to heaven give us the wealth of the people of Xiangxi." He was moved by the words. Tourism industry is a sunrise industry in twenty-first Century, the potential is unlimited, if in the local context of Zhangjiajie in the tourism industry, the advantage is more obvious – he chose,


2, maintain a good attitude, and sincerely serve visitors

tourism is the process of mutual trust and cooperation between travel agents and tourists. If we treat tourists sincerely, visitors will return us, Zhu Wanzhang summed up his experience. When just entered the tourism industry, has not received a telephone office a few months Zhu Wanzhang started, has not received a visitor, often see the others office phone calls, he did not lose heart, every day to spend money, no credit, good bad, every day can’t sleep! ", this situation lasted until September 30, 2002 Zhu Wanzhang, remember that night, he was as usual, and others after work, go home to become dejected and despondent. Around 9, Zhu Wanzhang suddenly received a telephone booking tours of Beijing tourists, he try to hold back the tread on air excitement, dedicated to the guests to do the bidding, guests would confirm travel on the phone. Then the phone rang again, and this time he made a very careful budget for the guest

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