WeChat circle of friends advertising can really save the micro business it

Tencent officially launched a "circle of friends" advertising official website, to those who want to cast WeChat circle of friends advertising advertisers have made a special entrance. Any advertiser can contact the Tencent through this channel as long as you have the intention to release it.

for advertisers, perhaps most concerned about the specific delivery steps. Therefore, Tencent announced a more specific, including mail communication, preliminary preparation, program audit, program implementation, effect tracking of the 5 steps of the cooperation process. After you have finished reading, you should know the materials, materials and steps you need to advertise your friend’s circle.

Tencent’s circle of friends on the line, no doubt, is to save the micro business in the circle of Friends Dying situation!


as we all know, from the beginning of May this year, continued hot for nearly a year of micro business suddenly cool down. Micro CEO ICT Wang Yi recently said in an interview with reporters, micro business by the circle of friends were single channel sales approach has not worked, there are 90% micro encountered the problem of declining performance, there are some small brand agents collapse, run away. Daily chemicals industry veteran Feng Jianjun also said that the myth of wealth is over packaged bubble industry is undergoing reshuffle.

What is the reason of

caused by derivative rapid retreat of the


a fake frequently occur, micro business difficult to convince people

We all know that the

derivative is in their own circle of friends to send their goods for daily information, constantly refresh to attract friends interested in their goods to buy, but when friends through the circle of friends in the purchase of goods, and found their desired goods far, that is to say flowers the right money did not buy the right goods, first of all will cast doubt on the micro channel, said no quality assurance products that they can not sell ah, then they will not trust of friends in my circle of friends, said everyone is so familiar, know their products have not sold to friends, later also how when you have friends? Again when friends asked that WeChat circle of friends to sell things to buy? I think if it is to buy fakes in the circle of friends or around you A friend bought a fake, will think little of said: can not buy, most friends are selling fakes.

of course, I’m not here to say that all of the micro dealers are selling fakes, but consumers don’t think so. Because the micro business not only one, you may not sell fakes, but some people’s interests, he may make money do not consider the true and false goods, this will have a negative impact on the micro channel, even if your goods is good, the consumer will not buy it, because once bitten by a snake, even ten years well, they are definitely not on the second times when


two Shuabing circle of friends frequently, to create ill feeling of be disgusted with

micro business is mainly in the circle of friends to push advertising to attract friends desire to buy, if friends do have this need, and your product is new enough, more able to meet his needs

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