Traffic making money may be a dead end hope for an original personal blog

once saw an article about the content is the person is how to create a blog, and then update the article in Baidu days and months multiplying, finally get a lot of ranking, and get huge traffic through advertising alliance with Baidu in return.

now popular is probably: build a personal blog with WordPress, then stay up late every day to update the article, every morning to see Baidu included is not added, Baidu’s monthly total "then a" ranking update, and expect Baidu to bring more traffic. Finally get some advertising revenue from the traffic.


blog and look forward to better rankings, get more traffic it is perhaps the easiest way to make money blogging, but to say that this may be a road of no return, the flow of money to the original personal blog may be a dead end. Most of the time, when we haven’t come out of this Hutong, we’re already exhausted.

, personal blog – personal solitude confession,

1, traffic to make money on the premise that the need for adequate traffic, and traffic mainly from the search engine, in the country, then do not mention Google, traffic is basically monopolized by Baidu. Search engines for personal blogs included more, the higher the weight, it is possible to bring more traffic.

2, but personal blog because personal energy is limited, one day can update more than 10 articles already quite difficult. And personal blogs do not get the favor of search engines, relative to those running websites or blogs that run in teams or companies.

3, according to the tribe’s visit and observation, around a lot of bloggers are unable to keep an article every day to update the rules, even if the execution is very strong bloggers, is also very difficult to ensure the quality of the premise and guarantee the quantity of papers.

4, personal blog, due to personal reasons, destined to be blogger’s confession of a person, and still lonely. Perhaps, the new blog within a year is also in its own article "battle cry."".

two, plagiarism, so that the original flow of labor to become other people

1, many people say that search engines like original articles. If I say this to Google, I can still take a few minutes, but if it’s for Baidu, I’ll take a look at BS. Original article want to get traffic in Baidu, in addition to "fight father", but also to fight luck.

2, the so-called "fight father", is whether the website weight enough to spell those portal sites, or have collected many years of old websites. Many of the new blog in the beginning is no weight, and this is also the collection of Web site in the eyes of "lamb", often published articles, search out ranking almost tenth pages can not find.

3, a lot of bloggers are very mad about this "naked" plagiarism

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