Teach you the perfect solution to the consequences of Web migration


some time ago, the company server fails, the boss decided to choose a good point of the server, finally choose to choose to buy our nets of cloud hosting, the configuration is very good, very fast! After the cloud server set up, I begin to prepare us to buy appliances,

transfer station!

everyone said that the site will be reduced by the total search engine rights, will reduce included, keyword ranking will drop, and so on. Without careful preparation before migration, some work, such as all the program website in advance from the old server to download to a local backup database, recommend the Empire backup when the backup of the database, the method is very simple, very fast, the most important is the backup and recovery speed is very quick, and the accuracy is very high! Empire backup ways we can use to use Baidu Search, a lot of information about this


electronic commerce website migration suggested in the morning, when the traffic is low, customers are few, will not bring bad impression to the customer! In fact, other sites too, recommended to choose migration sites in the morning. After everything is ready, start moving the web site. First of all, upload web site all procedures, after uploading, the use of imperial backup, restore the database, OK, the site of the entire station migration. Of course not migration end with the original website will have a website as like as two peas, the overall layout of the site layout and so on dislocation, dislocation, only need to adjust the wrong code on the line, my biggest problem was encountered but not the site of dislocation, access problems by the new server on my website is LINUX, appears at the top that privilege problem code, then follow the prompts step by step to set permissions, all set to 777, but the problem is still not solved problems are as follows:



can find many solutions, finally found the PHP.ini configuration of Apache server, because the php.ini output_buffering default is Off, to enable ON in change it to output_buffering=4069, and then restart the Apache server, the perfect solution to access error


site is best to go through the website after the migration process, the electronic commerce website is especially important, registered account, under a single, there is no test errors, if the error can be modified in a timely manner, to bring customers a better consumer experience


well, here’s the question of website migration and search engines, which we all thought would have an impact on the site. Yes, more or less will have an impact, there are big and small, our company’s website after the migration, the site not only did not receive the search engine punishment and drop right, and so on, but to enhance the included, the chain, weight. I’ll share my method with you:


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