My view on the future network market

‘s time has gone by and we need an efficient team,

is now the age of online entrepreneurship, the world of e-commerce, and we need to realize our own wealth and freedom. What do you need to succeed? Need:

1, a good carrier, male afraid to choose the wrong line, women afraid to marry wrong Lang!


, 2, methods, success is to pay attention to methods, that is, strategies and measures;

3, ability, a person’s thinking, determine the way out, the difference between people and people in the neck part: the brain, we need to learn to build their own knowledge system, accumulate their ability;

4, beliefs and attitudes, now more and more people even think that attitude is everything, mainly advocating action, faith is also very important, is that you want to succeed or be successful, must succeed, will take action, you can be successful, but want to succeed but never succeed! So when I ask you is success or certain to succeed, then you will say I must succeed, very good, give yourself a certain motivation! Most people rely on to work for wages, with their own sweat and achievements of his business, with his brilliant leadership hard foil. Work two or thirty years, the monthly salary is not more than 1000. And for decades, also borrow money to buy a house. The same blue sky above, the land of the same foot, the same policy, the same conditions, why earn million yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan month, people have long been wandering in the poverty line? Money come from? Where is the secret of success? Many people remain perplexed despite much thought.

money comes from the mind. Money goes to the pocket of a sensible man. It is called "empty head, empty pockets, heads and pockets.". The biggest difference between people is the neck of the above, some people have long been into the money making mistakes, the idea of making money, think of starting factories, shops. If this idea does not break, he will not be able to grasp many new opportunities which are unlikely to him. Really want, success and failure, rich and poor, is only a wrong thought in passing.

had just brought a few thousand dollars into the stock market, and in a few years he would have been a millionaire. If we had only a few hundred dollars at the moment, we would have been willing to put up a stall and could become a big boss in ten years’ time. But some people say that if I had done it, I would have made more money than they did. Good! We may better than him, our money perhaps more than him, our experience may be better than he is, but it’s obvious that we had the idea we decided a wrong thought in passing, when we are not going to do, we decide the concept of our ten years poverty remains a different idea finally! Lead a different life!!!

is a good opportunity for people not easily won is always uncertain, so to ask others, ask 10 people must have 9 people said not to do (because they do not understand the situation carefully, but he still thought he would be wise to opine,) so they gave up the opportunity to go, in fact we do not know the machine.

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