Recall the way of University webmaster

four years ago, when I was in college. The students in the dorm often download ringtones from the Internet, when the ringtones are downloaded for each 2 blocks, and they often hear the students talking about how much money they use to download ringtones in the month of this month. Once I heard a classmate who said she had downloaded a ringtone from a website and spent 250 yuan on it…….

always thought that do download website is the big company’s stuff, until the computer professional association from the mouth that do ringtones download site is actually very simple. As long as there is a popular web site, and then add ringtones in the web, download the affiliate company’s affiliate code, and put it in the advertising position of your website. Then wait for people who use the Internet to register your website will be waiting to take the royalty, listen to say, so I have to do to make money ideas borrowed from the library a lot of Web books, learning by doing. Because only when technology does not pass, will not even DW, just use the FP to do some simple static pages, so the time spent more than a month, finally put the site well, made my first website – dynamic QQ zone (at that time Jay Chou’s dynamic advertising, his slogan. "I listen to my site, hee…… ) in the process of doing web site, it also makes the server, domain name, space knowledge also have a clearer understanding.

then Baidu may only established not long time, maybe for the filling of online information database, as long as your site has one hundred pages or so, a little content, generally it soon included, and a small amount of Oh ~ ~ is not included. It’s not like to say that the dynamic QQ zone included, my website, put on the second day of the search keywords "dynamic QQ zone" can be found, after the site put on-line, a spare time to find content added to their own website from the Internet, this is the main work of the time, and Baidu is soon there will be a return, it’s not like to use most of the time to do the SEO, make the chain etc..

insisted on doing the station seven months later, the dynamic QQ Zone site IP between 1500~2800, and with a certain popularity, I tried to apply ringtone League code on my website. At that time is not good, then choose the alliance is because of its high percentage than any other league, then I choose the alliance company ringtones do their advertising alliance, where more than 3 months as ringtones, a total of more than 500 dollars to the Commission, who knows I met Swindlers Company. The Union has been slow in sending me money. No way, but only for a reputable company alliance, and insist on a period of time, in my efforts, finally won the first commission of —-350 yuan, then do not say how happy the first pot of gold after all the money equivalent to I earn.

I firmly believe that my website is profitable. Since then, I have been able to maintain my website when I have time

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