Three skills developed by local portal operators


Internet market segments began to partial two class city, more and more people begin to pay attention to the local portal station webmaster, but many novice Adsense on local portal station operators have a lot of questions, or the main user group in the issue of development, how to locate the portal, the user is developed the first step, then today Yang Xiujiang according to some of their own experience of local portal station, three tips to say the user development:

1. data analysis of the old gateway station


industry has a boss at any time, especially the local portal station, do local portal data analysis has the following advantages: delete operation local portal direction, popular collection of active users basic information, analysis of plane business sponsorship amount.

a new portal, in the old station where to attract users, must do is to find the local hot upset, in doing their own data analysis at the same time, find yourself good at the direction to do.

2. collects data traffic of express industry

The active user of

e-commerce is a new force in the development of local portals. The good development of this group is the key to the positioning of the entire portal site, and is also the beginning of user marketing.

Analysis of crowd flow

by courier industry, can be found in the local popularity of the Internet, to express a personal user to calculate the effect of 3 estimates, a 100 thousand city express traffic network, active users should be at least 300 thousand, good application so the traditional industry resources, is one of the core skills of local portal users of the website development.

3. inspires effective team users

Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. Where any group of individuals is a great mining value, because the local team and group as a local influential platform for occupancy, web site operators, not only in the service, also in marketing.

a lot of people ask the author, the traditional team on the use of the site is very low, how to improve the team’s use of the network,


I think, when the development team, special attention is the team cognition for the Internet, this is very important, such as the local skating club, IT club, student groups, fashion, young and dynamic user groups and teams, because they only stay in the ground and the forum website the stability of activity is a great role in promoting.

of course, 3 points above the optimization technique is based on and get their experiences in the website operation, how in your local portal, is needs to you think carefully to find the user to develop their core skills.

the survival of a site requires a fixed set of users, and a local portal needs a bunch more

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