Vintage Photoshop: Are They Really Kopa and Zoco?

first_imgDiving in the photographic archives of the history of Real Madrid are curious things. In this case, two photographs that present two striking adjustments. We are talking about the 50s and 60s, in which there were no modern systems that allow you to trick an image without realizing it. The famous ‘photoshop’ that are now so fashionable. In this specific case to which I refer, I am going to talk about two photographs in which they posed Madrid who won the European Cup conquered in 1959 and the champions of the League achieved in 1964. They are two so striking touches that if you look closely they are even nice. Let’s go into detail.The first image corresponds to the photograph the club made to the champions of the fourth consecutive European Cup, won at the French Stade de Reims in Stuttgart. The whites won 2-0, with goals from Mateos and Di Stéfano. The starting eleven that afternoon on German soil consisted of Domínguez; Marquitos, Santamaría, Zárraga; Antonio Ruiz, Santisteban; Kopa, Mateos, Di Stéfano, Rial and Gento. Well, if you see the photograph taken on the Bernabéu lawn they pose theoretically, from left to right, Kopa, Mateos, Di Stéfano, Rial and Gento (standing); Marquitos, Santisteban, Santamaría, Domínguez, Zárraga and Antonio Ruiz (crouched). If you look at Kopa, the first one standing on the left, has a head totally out of proportion to the body chosen for the photo. Investigating, the most reliable explanation is that the great French player decided after winning that European Cup conquered in Stuttgart to return to the Stade de Reims (the one that was his team before signing for the Whites) for family and personal reasons that led him to return to your country. Santiago Bernabéu understood his reasons and gave the green light for Raymond to go back to France. Not being physically present on the day they took the photo with the triumphant eleven of Stuttgart, they decided to put his head on the body of another footballer (It could be Miche, a Salamanca defender who belonged to the squad, but it is evident that the size of it is excessive. The second image corresponds to a photo of the team that conquered the League of the 1963-64 season, which ended up being the last of the legendary Di Stéfano (he ended up leaving after losing the final of the European Cup with Inter and then having a row with Miguel Muñoz for leaving him out of the list for a Cup derby against Atleti). The whites sang the alirón league with solvency, with 46 points (four more than Barcelona). The photograph shows 12 players from the champion team instead of 11, given that the two goalkeepers had almost the same consideration. It is located in the land field that Chamartín had where until recently the Esquina del Bernabéu shopping center was located. There the players used to play small games when they were relaxed, given that next to it was the Madrid pool. In that photograph they are, from left to right: Vicente, Isidro (father of Quique Sánchez Flores), Santamaría, Zoco, Muller, Pachín and Araquistain (standing); Amancio, Félix Ruiz, Di Stéfano, Puskas and Gento. If you look closely, Souk appears tiny, almost grotesque in stature. Something absurd because the Navarrese was one of the highest in the squad with his 1.85 meters. It can be seen that he has put his head on the body of a much shorter player, which in this case could be either Chus Herrera or Joseíto. I do not know the reason, but surely the day the photo was taken, the souk would be unwell or suffer an injury that prevented him from posing. They were the ‘photoshop’ of the time. Naive and without any bad intention.last_img

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