Prosinecki amazes Europe

first_imgThe truth is that he was a player who attracted attention. Her curly blonde hair looked like the wig of Harpo Marx and his way of running was strange. He seemed to always limp. He was slow in speed but fast with his head. With these works, he led the Red Star to conquer the first and only European Cup that a Balkan team has achieved. And at what times! These were the years of destabilization in the former Yugoslavia, which a few years later would be divided into several countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Slovenia). The team coach was Ljubomir Petrovic and built around that misunderstood blond-haired genius a team with some of the best Yugoslav players of the moment as Savicevic, Mihalovic, Jugovic and Pancev, among others. And yes, Prosinecki before being a broken toy was a great promise of world football. When Real Madrid signed him in the summer of 1991 the Croatian, then Yugoslavian, was a brilliant footballer, the flagship player of the current and surprising European champion, the Red Star. The entire continent was surrendered to the talent of a 22-year-old midfielder who a few years earlier had been the engine and star of Yugoslavia U20, a golden generation to which they also belonged Mijatovic, Suker, Mihajlovic and Boban, among others, and who was proclaimed world champion in her category in 1987.Prosikito doll from the Renault campaign. A few years ago the car company Renault He made an announcement in which a former player of Croatian origin caricatured himself with a doll. Prosikito was kind of Chucky which represented Robert Prosinecki, ex of Real Madrid, Barça and Seville, among others, who injuries and bad reputation made him go through more pain than glory for Spanish football. The term “broken toy” has never been so well represented in a footballer, who also had his own doll.center_img After eliminating Grasshopper, Dinamo Dresden and Rangers, the Red Star gave his real blow on the table in the semifinals against Bayern Munich. The Bavarians, with Augenthaler, Effenberg and Brian Laudrup in the lead were clearly favorites and no one expected the recital given by the Red Star in the olympic of munich. The Germans went ahead 1-0 with a goal of Wohlfarth and far from wrinkling in that scenario, Prosinecki took a step forward and began to make his team play wonderfully. Savicevic and Pancev came back from the game and left the semifinal on track. Bayern managed to tie the tie in the small Maracana of Belgrade, but again in the face of adversity, the Red Star did not lose his composure and went to look for his rival in the opposite field. When the match seemed destined for overtime, un goal in the own door in the minute 90 of Augenthaler put the whole of Petrovic in the final of the European Cup.In the final, another legendary team awaited, Olympique Marseille led by Raymond Goethals. The French team was a real pylon hammer in the early 90s, with players like Barthez, Papin, Deschamps, Boli and Desailly, among others. It came from eliminating Milan from Sacchi and the Dutch deploying a football based on the power and speed of its players. Like for the Red Star, this was their first final of European Cup. Maybe that caused both teams, which had shown to have great potential, were all over the final more concerned with making no mistakes than deploying their football. 0-0 led to overtime and later penalties. Amorós missed his throw and Pancev transformed that of victory.The joy in Yugoslavia would last just over a month. 27 days after the final, Slovenia announced its independence and started the war in the Balkans. All this caused a disbandment of the country’s great players to the major European leagues, including Prosinecki, for whom all the great clubs fought. He ended up in Madrid and it never materialized. Barça tried to get him back and couldn’t either. Despite this, he will go down in history for that 1991 Red Star European Cup and for being the only player to date who has played two world championships with two different teams (Yugoslavia and Croatia). And for Prosikito, of course.last_img

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