On forum garbage and trash fight protracted war

I have been in touch with the forum for several years, and the management of the forum will be gradually strengthened. Today, the rest of the world will be talking about the subject matter. Forum management is really difficult, the site to promote, but also to prevent and reduce those who harass, it is really difficult, there is no good way, I talk about the management of the forum, a little bit of their own experience. Not to mention the experience, these are actually a bit simple trick, because the timely management of the forum is indeed very important.

talk about the daily management of the forum, including the following:

1, delete illegal content of the post;

2, delete advertising stickers;

3, as far as possible for each post and reply to track checks, to prevent internal contradictions of speech;

4, to correct the content of the post corresponding to the plate;

5, update forum information, release some new posts,

today mainly about my anti spam strategies and methods for your reference, and if you think you can borrow, try my method.

for spam, I think every BBS webmaster hate, I certainly also, but this nothing can be completely put an end to, that can only use different ways to reduce spam.

my way of talking is simple, but it works.

my forum also has a special section for advertisers or vendors around the world to advertise. Because I know there’s no way to stop spamming people,


set up a special advertising plate, I also know that here advertisers is also think highly of our forum, they will publish advertisements.

, but they probably forgot one important thing:

when you come to someone else’s house and you spit and shit everywhere, do you think the host will treat you politely,


life and doing the same, the least respect is necessary.

for the post publisher behavior we cannot control, but also helpless, we set up a blacklist system, at the top of the post in the forum also clearly blacklist system, if they are not in the provisions of the advertising plate reached 3 posts, we will be advertising in the domain name he pulled into the forum system the blacklist, once pulled into the blacklist system, as long as it re released with this domain content, it posts the domain name will automatically change to: spam! Liar station www.× × ×, com, and are not allowed to edit this post. Haha, I’m going to announce this method. I want all the administrators of the forum to be happy! Welcome to other forums and try my best. You will receive unexpected effects.

, but we’re not killed either. For some sales people, they don’t necessarily come here to understand everything

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