“My father did not forget that he was Don Goyo Benito, a player for Madrid and the Spanish National Team”

first_imgRubén, one of the sons of Gregorio Benito, legendary Real Madrid player who died this Thursday after suffering Alzheimer In recent years, it went through the microphones of Onda Cero’s ‘The Transistor’ to thank the expressions of support received after the death of his father. There he recalled the figure of his father and what it meant for Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team.His father’s illness: “My father suffered from Alzheimer’s. He was in a degenerative process. At first the first moments were hard. The last cycle, calmer. He did not remember things, but he spent the day singing. I think they do not realize They are losing their memory. What I did not forget is that he was Don Goyo Benito, a player for Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team. The last time I saw him was a week before all this pandemic was over. “ Tonight is a hard night: “Very hard, because we have not been able to be with him in his last moments. We want to thank all the samples of support received that fill us with pride.”Last memory of his father: “Seeing him all day singing and with that energy and vitality that he always had. Because of Alzheimer’s, he was losing touch with reality, but that strength he always had was still there.”Best memory of his father: “His joy for living and encouragement was always supporting us and getting us up every time we fell.”His father’s fame: “The forcefulness he treasured was a harshness with nobility. He never intended to harm. He was absolute surrender with nobility. People knew that and that’s why he got along well with people outside the field. He was very noble and dedicated.”Tribute: “Hopefully when all this happens we can give him a tribute, because he is someone who has given himself to Madrid and the Spanish National Team.”last_img

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