Soccer does not stop in Nicaragua: threats, suspicions and fear among soccer players

first_img“It is incredible that it is played. I have stopped going to train on the bus and I go in my car because the buses are full and it is risky”, Figueroa assures. The Nicaraguan government has barely confirmed two cases, but it is suspected that there are quite a few more. “There are more but they must be hidden, perhaps so as not to create alarm,” the Argentine speculates. “The virus will come and we are afraid of everything we see happening in the rest of the world,” says Figueroa, who asks Nicaraguan football to stop until everything happens.The rest of Central American leagues are stopped. In Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica they have put the brake with more or less opposition. In El Salvador the league has even been terminated by decreeing Once Deportivo as champion. With the leagues of its neighboring countries suspended, Nicaragua’s competition is one of the few that continues to develop, practically, worldwide. The Nicaraguan Association of Soccer Clubs made the determination to continue with the competition with the direct approval of nine of the ten clubs that compete in the national tournament.The first reactions of the players were immediate. As seen in the photographs, the players pose at a distance and even wear a mask to play the matches behind closed doors, but they end up doing it out of fear. More, when the quarantine has already been decreed by the country’s executive, but not for soccer.Leandro Figueroa, Argentine player of Walter Ferretti, explained the situation in the Nation offering more details and talking about blackmail to the players: if they decide to stop, they would be fired.last_img

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