Website operation should find a way out from the website data to the website

as a webmaster, especially a grassroots webmaster, the operation of the site is not just one, but in the operation of many websites, there must be some must learn, must master skills. Such as how to do web site, SEO optimization, how to write soft text, how to do promotion, etc., but this series of work can get some data, then data analysis is particularly important. Similarly, web data can also unlock many of the questions we don’t know. Below, Ye Jianhui from webmaster statistics tools (to cnzz as an example) talk about data, how to guide the optimization of website operation, take a website as an example.

1. traffic source


The observation of

source of traffic data, can be found in this website main flow from external links, the various website promotion methods (such as marketing, forum marketing, online advertising, etc.) have a certain effect. Direct access and traffic from search engines is not ideal, visible website user loyalty or comparison, but the search engine optimization is still needed, then we can analyze the website (ranking, click rate, conversion rate, etc.), some problems exist in the analysis and website the lack of content, or the user experience of the site or the chain, and then proceed to work on the website optimization.

2. site access time


from the web access time key can be found that web users are mainly concentrated in the morning 9 point -11, 14 PM -17 point of the two periods of time, so we can according to some characteristics of the data to the user (such as work, lunch, work schedule and so on) are analyzed, the website promotion activities planning, etc. you can adjust the reference data, so as to obtain more promotion effect. The same can also be based on such data on the site (ranking, click through rate, conversion rate, etc.) analysis, so as to obtain greater benefits at a smaller cost.

3. search engine analysis


is analyzed by search engine statistics, which accounts for the proportion of traffic coming from several major search engines. The site is mainly through the search engine source is Baidu, then the website of Baidu SEO optimization better, this is need to keep. But other search engine visitors from the proportion of poor, the same also shows that these search engines have great potential, after all, eggs can not be put in one basket, a few hands.

4. search word


then looks at the site search word to see what keywords the user is passing through

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