Grassroots webmaster to treat people with sincerity in the network of human resources accumulation

recently had a profound experience in the network, although the network of friends are not masked, but your sincere friends will get people enthusiastic about helping others return, will also get help from others. The network is virtual, and we can’t see people talking on the other side of the computer screen, but we believe that sincerity can be passed on. The author is Admin5 forum moderator, every day contact many grassroots webmaster, in the QQ conversation, I can feel some friends of sincerity, in the network can be sincere in exchange for sincerity, cheating, after all, only a few.

often hear about some of the webmaster friends, not for Links, when you start on the website, need strong website similar in a hand, if these sites can pull a new station, also can grow in a relatively short period of time. Because there are not enough contacts on the network, or do not have the skills to exchange links, there are still many people exchange no door. Exchanging Web links is only a simple part of network communication. How to integrate network resources and make effective use of them is the key to strive for more opportunities on the internet. After all the grassroots fight a lone battle too hard, learn to cooperate, will obtain more achievements.

like the original graph king A5 forum, in 06 years just to build also not popular, many friends are awesome, support for a forum posting replies, rapid transition in the early stages of development. My brother is graph king grassroots webmaster circle, he has been eager to help around the station, to the capital, to give him some help, whatever. Because sincerely help others, when the king needs help, many people also actively support the king, let A5 forum in a short period of time to grow and become the three webmaster circle in China today, one of the webmaster forums.

I had to ask the grassroots webmaster brother Guo Jijun "how to develop interpersonal relationships" in the circle he said, "is the first impression of second is individuality, the third is to help your friends to find him looking for someone". Guo Jijun previously is alone, he said, "my office staff may not have you, but my office must be older than you, because my office is the 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers, known as the meeting Master Guo eldest brother, now also joined the rainforest wood wind, become a member of the Lai Linfeng team. What will Guo Jijun almost catch small conference, participated in numerous grassroots webmaster conferences; individuality, trust and contact with his people can feel his unique style of humor and Guo, impressed; help your friends to find him looking for someone, remember every time I find a webmaster friends contact with the eldest brother Guo, he always reply to me for the first time. He is eager to help his online friends, so his connections are very rich, and this has become a huge treasure on his network.

network war continuously, today is the Tencent and 360, tomorrow do not know which of the two major stations of the struggle between them, just busy on the battlefield, grassroots webmaster just spectators. Therefore, grassroots people still do well

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