Local websites break down and we need to redefine local sites


from the end of last year to the recent, the industry is talking about: we should re describe local websites. More than half of the executives on the local web site are more or less aware of the problem. For example, Hualong Xiang Qian Yu said, where should the website is a local service company.

, let’s first review the history of local websites:

1. The earliest local websites are local information ports, such as the Shanghai hotline and Jinling hot line. These telecommunications information ports completely copy the metropolis newspaper, and eventually there are 2 elements retained: media and integration. So far, there have been few local websites, and most of them have been transformed into current local websites – local community based local media.

two and local websites break up in two phases:

phase 1 – before 2008, as BBS flourished, the first answer came: where did the popularity come from?. Representative site of the stage are: Xicihutong, 19 floor, Hefei forum, Xiamen fish nets, long lane etc.. It is gradually recognized that local websites are not Sina, Sohu, and local websites are interactive platforms close to the local people’s livelihood – the local community based media.

second stage from 2008 to present, the local website transforms to the local life consumption, has established the profit pattern. In 2008, the 365 property home network acquired Hefei forum, allowing the industry to see the answer to the profit model of local websites. Fence nets also bring inspiration to local websites – how community based websites offer services to customers and how to choose profitable industries. The old local websites in Hefei forum, Hualong lane as the representative of the successful transformation, a number of new local sites is also on the rise: Guangzhou, Wuhan, his mother network network Nanchang Baowang etc..

at this stage, the key elements for panning out local sites are:

to local communities for product elements when necessary.

when did the daily life consumption for positioning.

tick to large vertical industry for profit breakthrough.

total is: interaction for God, consumption for shape.

three, the only way to predict the future is to analyze the past. Well, by the history of local websites, we can recognize the decisive factors that determine the development and change of the industry, what are they?

1, user access habits. Established in 1998, has never been Xicihutong, people think that there is value in 2000 when. But when the West Temple friends from 20 years old to 30 years old growth? In 2012, is considered a very good business Xicihutong, the annual output has reached about 40 million, revenues are mainly concentrated in the wedding, automobile, communication (operators) etc.. Satisfy demand, produce viscosity, viscosity produce habit, user decide value.

2, positioning. In place >

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