How to establish the website brand effect of local website

recently saw many friends talking about the construction of local websites in Admin5. Here, he talks about some ideas about how to establish the brand effect in local websites.

local website in the early stages of development, in addition to consider the target user and profit model, but also consider the brand effect of the website, the following simple talk about how to establish the brand effect of the local website.

1. pays attention to detail

, for example, in the website promotion process, such as business cards, cultural T-shirts, posters and so on, with the site’s LOGO consistent. Of course, there are some other details such as: in the classifieds site in each message in front of or behind, plus a unified prompt or abstract; the unified form of posting sites, such as business information can adopt the business name, shop time, address, contact……" Such a release format, in order to achieve your web site information in other places, users can see at a glance that the information from your web site purposes.

2. website name must have brand value

the name of the site to highlight their own characteristics, do not take shape such as Xuzhou classified information network class (unless you put this registered trademark) website, if there is a gangster to enter this market, you will not register in Xuzhou classified information network under the condition of the chiefs of the site name is Xuzhou classified information network, in their strong bombing, everything you do promotion may be mistaken for the promotion of the big user site. On the one hand, to the big brother to do the wedding, on the other hand, influence and brand effect to your nature can not achieve the desired results.

3. focuses on the user’s visual perception,

user’s first impression is very important, for the first time to open the site, you can let users feel the atmosphere, formal. Now many local classification information system network station are using, many webmaster even didn’t change, may appear in the same place twin website, two visual results as can be imagined, as the station, how can we make the brand. Let alone authority.

4. easily overlooked advertising spot


site in the early stage of development, due to the popularity and flow of a process of accumulation, at this stage, a friend will want to give businesses free advertising, actually not, but advertising can not be wasted, can own site publicity picture, such as he did not have a website, you can hang on the public welfare advertisement the local government website, such as advertising, local school website, or some publicity known by local residents of the site, don’t hang up some unknown business advertisements.

more than just some of the personal view of the knife, welcome friends criticism correction!


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