How to solve the confusion of grassroots entrepreneurs

just a MM asked me a question, she is a MM in Guangzhou, his amateur made a media man’s SNS, is the use of DISCUZ free SNS program. She asked me, like the idea of learning the same floor network, to bring local media people together". I listened and wondered.

why wonder? I will be her thoughts to the mess, she wanted to be a media platform SNS, but she thought a lot, then find a few friends, the communication with the team of people, many people deny her idea, put forward many new ideas and suggestions, so the strategy has changed. This MM has been less than 10 times to communicate with me his strategy and ideas, as a grass-roots entrepreneurs, the strategy is the key strategy, do not easily change, many people fail, or that many people insist, but failed, because they do not stick to the core, and just stick to work, such as Guangzhou has a network of accounting, accounting is initially done, and took a $1 million investment, the results do now has 1 and a half years, but has not been done, why? Because changed their strategy, now they have also launched the accounting function discounts and coupons, so there don’t know what they are doing? Although he insisted on doing more than a year, but still failed, because they insist is blind, not focused to a point, and this point is the strategy.

many friends of entrepreneurship, the beginning of the MM, such as his thought, and then communicate with the team, the team communication, people denied many of my ideas, and brought many new ideas, so it should be changed, this problem, I also often I met with our money online team often communicate, often disagree situation. First, to improve their skills and ability to persuade, secondly with the team communication, anyway, we must seize the strategic change, tactics can be changed, we can provide suggestions and ideas, but must focus on the core strategy to mention, and not to mention a variety of strategies, views can be provided, but often many people grasp no strategy and tactics, the results are some of the new strategy.

some time ago, the media MM also communicate with me a problem, she said her website is not popular, she believes that there is no content, so we do not want to register, she has been such a view, and I think you have to have traffic, in order to improve the registration, so the most important work is large the publicity, besides SNS content is provided by the user, the beginning of course not too many users, natural content is few, so the core of this problem is that there is no promotion, must strive to promote, such as membership reached about 1000, and guide members to publish content, take the money online (, the interface. Then according to the thoughts of ordinary people is to change the interface, only change the interface, people have registered, but this idea only.

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