9 MySpace programs worth seeing

MySpace has released its first development platform based on the procedure, we selected 9 to see the one from, if you think of MySpace things too much, you will see that is not enough.  

Cities I ‘, VE, Visited,

Cities I ‘ve Visited  is a program that combines Google Map so that you can easily show others where you’ve been.



iLike  is a popular sharing program that allows you to quickly add YouTube videos to your profile, test your music knowledge, or get free MP3 from some new bands.

Metaplace – a Avatar based chat system.


My Causes

My Causes – put your interests into your personal data and let your friends know your inner world.



OpenSpaceEditor –  if you feel itchy for so many MySpace program, want to do one yourself, this tool can help you test your program.



Picnik – the popular photo editing tool has been ported to MySpace, and you can easily access all of the photos you uploaded, and you can modify them.



Shelfari – introducing your Shelfari.com  into an MySpace account allows you to meet more people with a common reading experience.



SyncTwitter – as the name suggests, it is used to synchronize your Twitter, the operation is very simple, just click the " Sync " button.



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