Enterprise website operation monthly experience

I work in the stainless steel industry, from the company network management, general affairs commissioner, production clerk, coating apprentice to coating Commissioner, after more than two years. In the upcoming new year year of the horse, the boss said to me: "learn about, help me to do network promotion next!"

in the vast Baidu search, I began to feel at a loss, but the boss saw the opportunity. After, through various network promotion training classes, finally to the network promotion this work has a new cognition. The following month, looking for the production company, in accordance with marketing ideas re produced the company’s website, in mid April on-line, so far more than one month, the following to talk about this month’s experience.

The operation of the

site is divided into three steps. The first step is to promote the introduction of traffic; the second step is to delete customer selected effective customer information; the third step is to clinch a deal and possible two transactions. In accordance with this thinking, decided to go step by step, first to solve traffic problems. So for the network management and the establishment of a network of the front desk clerk, I and the management is responsible for the promotion of drainage, the front desk clerk to communicate with the customer to delete selected information; finally selects effective information to the sales staff, to use the fewest people to play the highest efficiency.

in mid April, the promotion began, we put the promotion is divided into two. Paid promotion and free promotion.


said website promotion is not a fast job, but since the Department began to operate, the rapid effect still needed, so chose to do Baidu pay promotion. Financial monitoring daily promotional fee ceiling of 100 yuan, then how to operate it?.

has just started, according to the training is the keyword table generation learned, has more than 3000 words, 15 words in accordance with the rules / units added to the background, a few days down, no effect, consumption of about 30 yuan / day. After the inquiry found that these fees are deducted in a few more extensive keywords, but the time is basically in the evening to early morning, and during the day, work hours almost can not be displayed. Then we adjust the promotion, will be separated from the promotion work during the day time and other time, setting different prices, after a few days of stable quality, some key words have been able to display in working time, but also almost no inquiry. At the end of April, after selected, the final choice of the 10 most representative keywords, add key word, every half an hour to refresh the view rankings and adjust the price to make it into the top three, because these 10 words mean click price has exceeded 10 yuan, when I think of something to remove the received customer enquiries, gave me the confidence to continue this operation. Then through the deletion of some "no click" keywords, the total number of keywords at around 300, the key word 15. Now the cost of 100 yuan / day can bring me to show the amount of about 300 hits, 15 or so; then joined the League promotion, promotion costs about 20 yuan a day, can bring me to show the amount of 2000+, click on the amount of about 10 20~3> every day now;

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