Looking forward to the ecological civilization of the network

recently saw a lot of articles about the ecological civilization of the network, and more importantly, the importance of the ecological civilization of the network to teenagers. Zero distance contact with the Internet every day, also received a lot of bad information "poison", always wondered why this information can get in by every opening like a virus, everywhere may multiply, the next click will be covered with the entire screen. As a network worker, I think not only teenagers need network ecological civilization, many enterprises doing business online also need ecological civilization.

however, how does the network eco civilization begin? Where does it start? Where is the source? I think it’s important to start with the network operators and the network platform providers. Is a network platform for pornography, violence, obscenity, terrorist information habitat, released the source information there is no way to control, but the release channel is in the hands of the hands of the network platform providers, therefore, here is the best point guard. It is easy to say, it is difficult to do, analyzed the reasons, difficult checks are the following: one is the network is an open platform, the information is not good grasp, rely on artificial to delete it, you need to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, a bit powerless, in the course of time, also became accustomed; two is a saying "there is truth", such information may bring a lot of traffic to the site, as we all know, traffic is a site of life; three is that the bad information from all over the place, don’t tube (or authority) is a well-known website or small sites have been violated, since the famous (or authority) sites have existed, so small website is more "no".


, like a human society, if a society has no laws, no ethics, no civilization, full of pornography, violence, crime and other words, the human society may remain in the original barbaric society, cannot develop and advance, we are now the environment is a kind of state not so. Network ecological civilization has become an important issue, abruptly before everyone’s eyes, can not be ignored.

in order to have a good development space and a healthy spiritual home, more and more people are calling for the ecological civilization of the network. Have a solution to any problem, if the problem is in the network platform here, then the network platform of original form, technology is not should be changed and development? In this regard, think take net do well, such a situation does not appear in the take up online, all the keywords and information the website is by the person of the company according to the industry needs to identify, choose, be abandoned, all enterprises take online in the house to find their own position, but with the exception of those related to pornography, violence, obscenity, terror and other bad information can not find their own foothold, unable to get online in the homes to find the survival of the gap undoubtedly, to spread the information of a heavy blow, purify the network environment, to the enterprise a really neat and clean and healthy network environment. Of course, there are many other ways

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