Wind and rain drift my two years stationmaster Road

has studied computers for six years. Among them, the university learned when the Internet, three years, only technology. Huayibujing, also does not own the website (write from A to Z learn, can also, but now, the station) does not need to be proficient in.

06 years, I’ll finish my job. Entering a well-known Internet service company in china. The first month became the company’s sales runner, with sales of 90 thousand and 2. One of the clients is an industry Web site. Often communicate in the work, and thus began operating the industry website.

province to do industry sites, 60% have called, to understand the situation of others, and some have specialized to visit.

because they help people operate is a fun website, there is a certain edge on the internet. 06 years, the site has been a formal operation. Traffic is OK, there are more than 2000 independent IP access every day. Formal operation, also not completely formal, interesting things, after all, there must be some provocative things to attract customers. 06 years belong to touch the doorway, 07 years, only then understood some operation truth.

feels that many things on this website are not practical and can’t meet their own requirements, so they begin to contact online CMS systems, DEDECMS, PHP168, SHOPEX, ECSHOP, PHPWIND, DZ. During the new year’s day, I stayed at the computer and watched these things. Fortunately, no harm, with the CMS system to build the site.

years, the Internet Center began to regulate the Internet, the original space service providers do not let go, and at that time, really angry can not stand, it is difficult to website IP million, and so stopped.

at that time, my mood was depressed and I thought my website was over. This month, I smoke from one pack a day to two packs a day. The index finger and middle finger was smoked yellow, and teeth.

, that is, one day in Taobao mixed up, and found the foreign space. That site has lived until now. But it’s also a constant obsession with GFW.

later, some customers came to see me, specializing in the operation of their large websites, flower market, medicine, insurance. Stand erect. Oh, may let you master laughed.

one is worthy of mention, help a client’s website financing 2 million. Roughly the same, not writing.

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