Leading hoteliers support the enactment of the Law on Unrated Construction Land

first_img“Despite the proposal of the tourism sector that the price of land lease as one of the essential elements of the future relationship between landowners and tenants be regulated by law, the text of the bill still leaves it regulated by a Decree or bylaw. Such a solution, in the absence of a proposal for the text of the Lease Agreement, unfortunately leaves the price unknown at this time. In addition, the bill provides for different rents for individual coastal counties, through the so-called. coefficient of economic profitability, which in HUT and HUP they consider unnecessary, unargued and from the aspect of business under equal market conditions a questionable solution” The Government of the Republic of Croatia instructed on the issue of the law on unrated construction land Bill on unrated construction land in the second parliamentary reading, which will be held on Wednesday, April 15, 2020. The Croatian Tourism Association (HUT) and the Croatian Employers ‘Association (HUP) together with the two largest national professional associations in tourism, the Croatian Camping Association and the Croatian Hotel Employers’ Association, support the adoption of the Law on Unrated Construction Land adopted by the Government. to solve one of the most important issues important for the development of Croatian tourism, especially camping. However, the full assessment of this legal solution is prevented by two open issues: lease price i proposed difference in the amount of the lease depending on the area of ​​activity, point out in their joint statement HUT, HUP, the Croatian Camping Association and the Croatian Hotel Employers’ Association. HUT and HUP support the adoption of the Law on Unrated Construction Land and consider its adoption one of the key issues of Croatian tourism The tourism sector has been pointing out for years that the unresolved issue of tourist land is one of the key obstacles to opening the full investment potential in the tourism sector. HUT and HUP believe that the final text of the law as well as bylaws and other acts that follow will enable its implementation, which unfortunately was not the case with the existing law, and emphasize that it is necessary to adopt all acts necessary for the implementation of the new legal solution. . RELATED NEWS: PROPOSAL OF THE LAW ON UNPRECEDENTED LAND SENT FOR SECOND PARLIAMENTARY READING It is especially important for tourism companies to change the land use model from a co-ownership community to a lease model that ensures a long-term legal certain land use, given that the lease term is 50 years.  Attachment: Bill on unrated construction landlast_img

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