Find out why Istria Wine & Walk is one of the best tourist stories in Croatia

first_imgWe are constantly talking about the quality content that is so lacking in our tourist destinations, and I wonder how long we will only sell the sun and the sea. Don’t we want to extend the tourist season? Don’t we want to increase tourist spending? Do we not want to ultimately, most importantly, delight our guests with their content so that they come back to us and be satisfied with their fulfilled vacation of 7 or 14 days?Especially when we talk about extending the tourist season because seasonality is one of our main problems, and quality, different and authentic content is the solution to the problem and the answer to the question: How to extend the tourist season, when we have no sun and sea as a motive for arrival. Content, content and only quality and authentic content and a unique experience.Exactly one such tourist story has been told more than successfully in northwestern Istria for a couple of years now.To simplify, it is a simple and ingenious concept – a leisurely 7-kilometer walk in nature through vineyards and the beautiful interior of Istria, a visit to local wineries and of course a tasting of local wines and dishes. So simple, logical, natural, authentic and unique. Unforgettable. So, this is a successful project Colors of Istria, cluster of northwestern Istria, which has been successfully organizing Istria Wine & Walk for a couple of years, and this year it has experienced its extensions through Wine & walk by the sea and Sweet Wine & Walk.I had an idea of ​​what to expect, but the level of performance and the whole atmosphere exceeded all my expectations. I was so thrilled that for the first time in 2 years and 4 months it happened that on Saturday I did not publish not five news, as many as I publish daily on the portal, but not a single news. I was and still am thrilled. Another proof that tourism consists of emotions, experiences and stories and that technology (VR, AR) will never endanger tourism. Rather, technology is there only as a medium and promotional tool to help us, use it to tell your story.But let’s go in order, this is a Sweet Wine & Walk that took place in Momjan, and which aims to promote local winemakers and their Muscat Momjan and of course an unforgettable tourist experience of northwestern Istria. A story experienced by 300 participants, which was sold out long before the very beginning. And through the Internet, ie through a web platform for selling content in northwestern Istria – Istria Experience.At the old registration you get a back bag (which will later be more than practical and shows how much the organizers pay attention to every detail), which contains a bottle of water, a brochure with a map and all the information about the walk and a small bag around the neck , in which there is a wine glass. Otherwise, each participant gets their own wine glass and proudly wears it around their neck, which gives the whole story an extra interesting element.In a pleasant walk of 7 kilometers, we visited four wineries (Sinković, Kabola, Kozlović and Prelac) where, in addition to the host and their wine, we were greeted by indigenous Istrian gastronomic specialties. Thus, each participant was able to taste young cheese, honey and walnuts, Istrian plate, pljukanci with herbs from Vala and Istrian cake. All local and indigenous. Of course with each winery after tasting dry and sweet muscat you can talk to the owners, visit the wine cellar, enjoy the phenomenal scenery and buy the wines of each winemaker.Casualness and spontaneity as the key to success The whole event lasted until 10.00:17.00 to 10.00:12.00, although when I left some more participants came to the last winery. And it is in this fact that lies the greatest magic of the whole story – “organized disorganization”. The leisure and spontaneity of the whole walk was what especially thrilled me, as well as all the participants, because the only thing that was given was to start in the period from XNUMX to XNUMX, the rest was at the will of each participant. There is no walking as a group, no schedule when you have to come to a winery or how long we have to stay in each winery, everything is left to the will of the participants. So some walked in pairs, some alone, some in small groups, without any obligation, which gave the whole story that relaxed and casual feeling of freedom. Some lay on the grass and drank wine enjoying the view of the vineyards, while others explored the wine cellars.Light and stress-free, as it should be.Photo: FB Sweet Walk & Wine / HrTurizamAnother lesson is how various details and small things are not a cost but an investmentWhen we talk about the organization of various manifestations and events, it is too often the case that there is a lack of souls in the environment and many fall for small things (various inventory and details that fill the space) because they see them as a cost, not an investment.The organizers of Sweet Wine & Walk demonstrated and scored in this field. Namely, as I mentioned, each participant received a branded bag, a small glass bag and a wine glass that were branded, ie the logo of the event was printed on them. Also, there was an A4 brochure that was printed on glossy paper in color on both sides. And yes, it all remained as an eternal memory to each participant. Many organizers would not go into this cost because they are looking at how to only reduce fixed costs rather than investing in ambience and added value. This is exactly the difference and the “handle”.Also, signposts have been set up all along the road, but literally at every bend, and at every location where a short walk along the local road there is a promoter with a reflective vest that warns both road users and drivers of pedestrians along the road. In addition, between the third and Thursday wineries, the road took us uphill past Kaštel Momjan where there were four costumed musicians playing medieval music. They even played AC / DC at the request of the participants, which was a special experience. In front of each winery was a flag of the event, which marked a certain small goal, ie each wine station, and at the end of the whole story we were greeted by a local young band with a live concert. Another “cost”.Investing in details is not a cost, but an investment. An investment in the ultimate experience.All these little details make this event more than successful, and a glass of wine proudly stands on my wall in the living room so the story of Wine & Walk will continue to be told, and my memory of the same will not fade. Investing in details and small things is an investment, because it contributes to the overall environment, which is very important, if not the most important, and it is these “small” but big things that make the difference between successful and less successful events.Yes, at the beginning of the article I mentioned a bag that played a key role. The bag later served excellently for bottles of wine we bought at each winery. Details that saved me. The very thought of having to carry a bag of purchased wine in my hand all the way would surely ruin everyone’s whole experience. But the organizers also meant that detail and “cost”. I personally bought five wines, although I don’t know exactly how many wines were bought on the doorsteps of the wineries, what I saw and what I’m sure everyone bought at least one wine. If we know that there were 300 participants, otherwise this is the maximum number of participants imagined by the organizer (too many participants “suffocated” just that casual experience, another awareness of the organizers of the importance of performance and final experience), I can assume that each participant in bought an average of three wines. So I come to the overlooked sale of 1.200 bottles of wine on the doorsteps of wineries through one event.Win — Win for everyone, both winemakers and participants, because they tasted those wines a moment ago. Good promotion and sales, right? With a smile on our face we spent the extra money and we are still happy, in fact, he would come back again and repeat everything from the beginning. Well, that’s business, that’s tourism. An unforgettable authentic experience that I cannot experience anywhere else but in Momjan. It is remembered and told, not the accommodation, because it is the authentic content that is the motive for coming.And yes, tourists come only to the weekend in northwestern Istria from Zagreb, Austria, Slovenia, Italy for Truffle Days, Asparagus, Wellness Days, Gourmet Festival and many other events… because everything is connected and networked with various events, activities, taverns, wineries , olive groves, family farms… with authentic facilities both by the sea and inland – the whole circle is closed.Personally, I think that the interior of Istria is the cube that the entire tourist mosaic of Istria lacks. The interior of Istria is an authentic story and quality content that perfectly complements maritime tourism. This great phenomenal story about Wine & Walk speaks for itself. I could draw a lot of parallels and positive examples from this story, and I would certainly point out that we do not have to invent hot water, but use and be what we are, because our culture, history, identity, culture and way of life is our best tourist product. Also, this is another proof and example of how the story is sold in the pre- and post-season and how the quality content is right and the only formula.As I stated at the beginning, my expectations were absolutely exceeded, and it is a real experience that is remembered and that is impossible to convey through text, image or video, but needs to be experienced. Let’s respect ourselves, be what we are and tell it all beautifully through the story, our authentic story.PS In the end, maybe this picture can best visualize what the experience and tourist story is about, and see more photos here Photo: FB Sweet Wine & Walk&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
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