True love station Resurrection

first, I have to admit that I was ignorant, for website construction, as one has just entered the threshold of less than a year the novice may know only a little superficial; but in the learning and practice of this period of time, I in no case of pointing out a way to fight back, there have been falling, tasted the loneliness, experienced hardships, also had a little bit of the joy of harvest.

in June 2009, I began to contact and understand the website construction of this industry, and at this time, for the first time I know that individuals can do web sites. At first it was just for excitement and curiosity, and without thinking too much, I rushed into it. Is to buy domain name space, but also looking for download source code, but also to test, modify, upload…… After some agonizing, I finally got my own website for the first time. At first, it is not called "real webmaster network", you see this domain name "", originally just consider to do a job recruitment website, and named "China Job Network"". After uploading the website, I am busy every day updating content, to BBS post promotion, looking for links everywhere…… I have learned all the knowledge on, and a week later, Baidu began to collect, three months have included more than a thousand. Just visit IP is still very poor, but only a few dozen a day. More later, the more I feel, with the ability to a person I really can not afford to carry the "job site" of the title: because the site is too big, too, busy, feeling hopeless; so give up the template, but also changed the name of the site, after renamed after finally determined today. The name of it"". Of course, I did not realize that I made a big mistake, just know later, the frequent replacement of the website template, but the site of the taboo. Because my ignorance of the mistakes, and ultimately escape punishment, my site was Baidu K lost. From the original collection of more than a thousand to no longer have included! I really get disheartened to the extreme, the thought of quit. However, a few months to remember the efforts and hardships, so easy to give up, but also a little reluctant.

and I have given it every day in addition to add content, a lot of the rest of the time in the webmaster online search website is reading about K and how to learn the resurrection, and began to practice the argument.

first updates the content of the web site every day, and insists on uploading it manually and not collecting it. More changes in the content and title, as the original treatment, of course, I basically adhere to every one or two days to write an original article published. This one you are reading now is my original.

second, to Baidu, Google and other major search engines and site navigation station re submit the site.

third, to the webmaster related forums and Post Bar positive post top stick, can link with the link station, attached to the station link in the signature registered user name, a post or reply to the top post, the signature links are displayed together with. < >

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