NDSP investigates crime

first_imgNotre Dame Security Police (NDSP) is investigating the second incident of alleged forcible fondling reported on campus within 24 hours, according to an email to the student body Tuesday evening. The incident occurred early Sunday morning outside a residence hall on South Quad, police said. “The victim had recently met the suspect while walking to her residence hall from another hall on campus,” the email stated. NDSP is also investigating another incident of forcible fondling in the early hours of Sunday morning, and the department alerted students to that report via email Monday evening. The Tuesday email warned students to be aware of their surroundings and watch out for friends to reduce the risk of sexual assault. “Forcible fondling and other sexual assaults can happen to anyone,” the email stated. “College students are more likely to be assault by someone recently met than a stranger. This means the person perpetrating the assault could be part of the campus community.” The email also warned students that perpetrators may target victims after giving them drugs or during excessive consumption of alcohol. Information about sexual assault prevention and resources for survivors of sexual assault is available from NDSP at ndsp.nd.edu and at the Committee for Sexual Assault Prevention at http://csap.nd.edu.last_img

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