How do register the domain name for five months PR for 3 experience

occasionally is a rookie webmaster, has been using free domain name and free space to do stand, every day anxious backup data.

ranking rose to about 1500000 when I heard that RIPN will be easy to master in my Ru m Alexa, may no longer submit free service, decided to make a determined effort to start over. Just in time for the promotion of YAHOO domain name, looking for someone to help, spent 60 yuan registered five years COM domain name, registered in June 28, 2008, July 1st at 0 a.m. 0 officially opened my first international domain name.

registered so far more than five months, the PR value rose from 0 directly to 3, Alexa ranking also increased from the initial about 100000000 to 1858663 now, and now deliberately a little bit of experience to share with you.

to replace the domain name the first thing to do is probably use 301 redirect, search on the Internet for a long time, finally found a way to use, that is to redirect my original file format to a new domain name The next thing to do is to tell your friends that you’ve opened a new domain name and asked them to help you update your links. Not a few days, Google first response, included a few pages, other search engines have followed up, began to slowly included my page. Only Baidu does not follow up, it does not care too much, anyway, I am a personal blog, and do not need any special optimization, as long as the update is maintained, and then there is a long wait.

about two months later, Baidu only slightly updated a few pages, but after a little while will be K, and a page can not find. Looking for a long time, the reason is also puzzled, my site has no virus, and also did not change what to describe, inexplicable by K. Waiting for more than a month, finally slowly included the more than 300 pages, but painful things happen again good times don’t last long, and second times by plucking, remain perplexed despite much thought. I can do is waiting, waiting for it is to maintain a certain level of the original, we must believe that gold is the total luminous time, after a long wait, Baidu finally began to cramp end, update.

below is my site in the major search engines included, screenshots as a souvenir:


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