ADA Forum growth reference manual

first, develop the moderator team wantonly.

the development of a forum, the most important thing is to develop the moderator team, moderator is a forum in progress necessary, because only moderators can 24 hours management forum. At any time to delete posts, mobile, add essence, etc., but also pay attention to new and old replacement.

, I) establishment of QQ group.

forum top official QQ group, QQ group and other competitors to the Forum (not less than 50 QQ group).

II) enhance the enthusiasm of the old moderators.

can make virtual rewards appropriate. Such as medals, points, money, etc..

gives older moderators higher permissions and so on.

The establishment of

two and forum integration mechanism.

registered users come to the forum for learning, analysis, communication and entertainment. According to this demand setting, encourage users to post.

I) the core information of the forum is the download of various technical data, you can download, deduct points, upload accessories, earn more, encourage users not only to download, but also need.

II) encourages users to post, especially technical postings.

three, guide users to post.

new users, such as not issuing posts, such as not publishing attachments, do not know how to register, etc., should be timely guidance instructions.

four, activity hype.

forum activities are more, these can be through QQ group, GF group mail preheating, to each forum appropriate hair.

five, plate setting (SEO optimization).

most webmaster installed statistics to the forum for data analysis. But the 50-70% of forum traffic is through search engine search key word, direct input forum website is not much. Therefore, the plate setting is very important, such as more popular plates must be displayed on the first side.

forum optimization, simply do title, description, links and so on.

in fact, the forum does not optimize too much technology, the optimization of the forum itself is good, and install a forum interface.

I SEO optimization is not very clear, simple to say traffic.

six, add interesting plugins and so on.

forum beautify many also important, for the colorful world of the Internet, the master of the brightly coloured, of every hue. First impressions are also important. Must have a good artist, so that the overall sense of the whole forum more exciting.

some interesting plugins: medals, pets, flowers, eggs, national ratings, etc..

seven, the mainstream DZ forum UC>

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