Analysis of local web site competition considerations

With the continuous development of

China network, constantly improve the site in the area, to provide professional program let do stand no longer difficult, leading to several at the same time a station area exists at the same time, the development of information, there are serious unavoidably in the removal of information overlap, Suining full search website with the soil before the site occurred in flower forum. Because Suining is a newly established network search website so in terms of information to pick the local old website, may all have such behavior, after all, the site is the era of content is king, so everyone in the face of this kind of thing attitude must be sincere, the following is the content of the letter of apology: "


Suining full search network "disruptive door" incident apology letter

what is the Suining "trouble" incident? Things from Suining search network reproduced Suining flower net member "trouble" of the post, but not included in the post works of copyright, in the feedback received "trouble" and other related members after the original post: "thread-5547-1-1.html", we have time to post a copyright modify. The right on behalf of Suining full search on the net "trouble", Suining flower net apologize, and we have to do the relevant copyright awareness moderator members, avoiding events in our local Suining website


thanks for "trouble making" to share a lot of food and consumer experience for Suining friends, and is able to inquire about Suining food for the first time in the internet. Suining flower net senior "trouble" sister around a flower in the Internet to see the "trouble" is really true, wisdom beauty coexist, let me see the true face of Mount Lu! Believe in "trouble" also has a heart of tolerance


I am deeply sorry for the use of the member (money boss), and we have not denied the mistake. We have found the mistake and corrected it in time. "Money boss" as a cultural and copyright conscious person, I feel your words are very inappropriate, especially the reply. Recalling our childhood, why don’t we copy our classmates’ homework, test our answers, answer our college theses, and use our students’ papers?. Above words, there is no need to come up with words full of irony. This is not only for you, but for someone else.

At the same time, we welcome

as in the past "trouble", "money", Suining friends together to supervise, as "money" said it makes sense: as Suining people, we should work together to support their own forum, he run. Every small plate has its own characteristics. For example, "eating and drinking" edition. The author, whether it is local friends or foreign friends, Suining delicious, unique snacks, restaurants, so that foreign friends know more about Suining, Suining people understand the colorful life. Let everyone see the development of Suining, the beauty of Suining, the unique place of Suining. Thank you very much for the forum of the author, owner, visitors to promote the development of Suining quietly contribute an own strength."

thanks Suining flower net to be able to contain, thanks to "trouble making", can contain >

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