Frequent change of P will result in website dropping right

              do webmaster is not easy; if you have chosen this line, I hope you must adhere to, because persist will have the opportunity. If you are just trying to get into this business, be prepared, difficult, or even defeated.

webmaster sounds good, in fact, as a webmaster, we can control what is not much, good luck, met a good service, so don’t worry too much about their website problems, but bad luck, you may occasionally confused a crazy time.

Hugh Syria gossip, we come to talk about my experience. Do stand for more than 2 years, has gone through the crazy site of the process, do a web site should be brewing for a long time. Like a woman conceived in October, this is a necessary process. Finally, a month ago, I gave birth to a web site to find a good service, began to promote the station started smoothly, Baidu and Google have included, slowly also has a fixed flow, I was ready to promote the unfortunate thing happened. The server was blocked. After contacting the whole afternoon, I was finally asked to change IP, so I transferred the data and referred the domain name to the new IP address. This thing has finally come to an end, the keyword of the website ranking is also good, probably after more than a week, the website has opened, I immediately contact customer service, told on the server site not for the record,

server is blocked again!

this time to second days to solve, but also replaced the new IP address. The site doesn’t seem to be affected by how much, on the second Friday, many people say that online Baidu change included algorithm, inadvertently site a website, was ignorant! Originally included several thousand, only the home page. Depressed, no, I do not know what to do, and then carefully thought about, leading to the emergence of this situation is because I in a very short period of time to change frequently caused by IP.

it may be difficult for us to control these cases, but we can choose a relatively stable service provider from the very beginning to avoid such events.

for the first time in Admin5 issued a document, this is my lesson, and I hope to help you site.

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