Discussion on the cornerstone of website operation success

since computers to the network to their website has had 4 or 5 years time, this period is really learning a lot, but also take a lot of detours, because know detours will waste a lot of time and energy, but also can only receive little effect. So, in order to let everyone not take my detours, I will say some of my personal experience, just talk about it!


is a new website to do before the most important thing is not how much you want very proficient in the establishment of just and Technology (which is essential) but you should have a good plan, that is what you have to do the site in what is a huge advantage, or is that after you do the site in operation when you have what new ways to make your website in the short term to people’s approval.

to do this you must first have a good survey of the market, a good real survey results, according to the investigation results, you, in theoretical analysis and good sublimation after you will form a unique profile of your own website, give you one example now, in the operation of the website, the emperor network based on the present social competition is very intense, so whether individuals or businesses, grow in life will encounter different degrees of difficulty, but I or the enterprises themselves, will certainly receive geographical restrictions, so to solve the market is very important to build a so difficult in the network. Such a difficulty can be solved in a great extent, so a good website will take shape. Here is just a small example, and the actual operation depends on what you think in practice.

have a good idea, plus your skilled technical backing, good website, the success of the future is not far away waiting for you!!! By www.sos99.net webmaster feeds.

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