n fact the site’s P is money

wrote an article last couple of days and found that many websites are COPY, and today they want to get some articles,

goes directly to the theme

I heard a lot of webmaster say: wait for high popularity, you can make money. I am very opposed to say so, popularity is money, no one can expect a website really can survive, there are many websites die in the evening, can not see the day after tomorrow sun. A few months later, the popularity can not pull up, give up the update site. Even shut down the website.

, we’re station masters. We’re experts. Experts cheat outsiders, this is for sure. Now, a lot of personal advertisers (pigs). Especially not bought advertising network, the popularity of the website only know it, but do not know there is a traffic statistics. To put it plainly, "look at the surface, not the inside."

Everyone should learn to take the initiative to

, a website to make money and because of who, is willing to eat rabbit meat. To take the initiative! What websites are suitable for advertising pigs, we should take the initiative to contact. You’ll get a surprise, as for the advertising League, which would have to wait until the site has a flow.

, it’s time to use my website for surgery,

, my website, loser sky, www.sbzsky.cn has been building a website for a month, and so far it has averaged IP35 this day, but I’m starting to make money. Ha ha, everybody may refer to the reference. (think it’s advertising, you don’t come in)

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