Have done nearly two years of local portals feel

do station origin

man is a worker, now age has until 2012 to thirty years of age, love to play online games, because too obsessed with affected family, wife wouldn’t let, finally had to give up the Internet game, I think it may be time to give up the network game.

give up the game, every day to sit in front of computer, there was a HTML language based on the website gradually into my field of vision, make a wish in our county website later initiation, search procedures on the Internet, finally chose the most in the heat of the fire discuz, near the site will be on the line. Time is February 14, 2012, Valentine’s day.

do station process

site in the first year, I basically sing a one-man show, continuous revision, increasing content.

, I feel that this is the site of the largest member of cognitive damage, the revision will not change the popularity evaporated, so webmaster revision should be cautious, only when the confirmation revision can better get recognized by users and revision. Now, I think a website does not need to be too cumbersome, too ornate, excessive gorgeous cumbersome, but affect the concentration of content, users come to the site is to see the content, not to look at gorgeous pages. I feel that the site’s page is only hierarchical, concise, so that users at a glance, it is convenient to find what you need. Remember, there are not too many things that affect browsing, so I chose the official default template.

The content of

, the first year I choose to increase the knowledge content of our county, the site is now about our county’s history, celebrities, customs, education, tourism and other aspects of knowledge are reflected, the Internet can end our county some commonsense knowledge. Perhaps because of these, it also attracted a group of local users and interest groups. There is also pay more attention to increase the trust of users on the website, I think only users of the website highly trust, the website can better development, of course, these need to have authentic, high quality content on the website.

there is a surprise is that the local website of local information, general for international and domestic news don’t add (unless users add), or to the local news information, so I set up a Pingyi news section.

activity organization

individuals introverted, and work more busy, no time to organize activities, no active site will not have the sentiment, this is also a place where I tangled, since not organized activities, I should also continue to work on the site in the body, slightly to compensate for the defects not activity site, increase the site content, within a year do dozens of topics, increased each web video and other columns.

classification information

classification information has a large market in place, and if this market can attract sites, it will greatly increase the number of people on the site

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