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all mobile traffic business systems will be involved, WeChat, hand Q, application treasure, browser…… Dedicated game business owners are more interested in controlling the release and development of elaborate games. The former are more like channels, each with its own initiative, and the mutual entertainment system is more like a distribution and R & D company.

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H5 game upper limit

internal structure of this relationship, decided Tencent H5 game platform, may be more open than mobile games platform, for many external R & D business is very obvious positive. For other mobile channels already live outside Tencent traffic, in the H5 era will usher in a more brutal situation.

‘s first landing Tencent H5 game platform game

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According to the Qzone

H5 game on Tencent’s line, will be very much like the Tencent mobile game, not only WeChat.

, the first batch of on-line Tencent mobile game products, love to eliminate every day, has been operating for more than 3 years, when the first batch of products only Tencent self research

number of Tencent scheduled product development business revealed that the Tencent for the first batch of on-line H5 game platform product quality requirements, such as the first batch of mobile games, "demanding, did not set revenue targets to the user". The difference is that the first on-line game is not just Tencent self research products, there will be products from outside.

according to this logical judgment, and then integrate the trend of social games and page tours in the past few years, the first Tencent platform H5 games will be light, casual and social. This may and before the H5 game circle, hoping to pursue a flow over how many explosion money, to prove H5 game promising, some different. According to the logic of the mobile game before, Tencent is to pavement, seize users, and then talk about other.

in January 9th, the WeChat applet came as scheduled, but there was no game. However, according to insiders, the WeChat H5 game will be on Android’s platform by the end of the year, and mobile H5 games have been tested. In H5, there have been a number of accumulated game companies have received invitations from Tencent.

H5 game on Tencent CP good channel bad news


when we talk about the ceiling of the game, >

in the world of H5 games, traffic portal is more valued. Perhaps, therefore, as the entrance of the flow of WeChat, hand, Q and other appear more active and strive for initiative. This shows that many business sectors believe that their traffic potential in the mobile game era has not been fully released. Active, such as hand Q, has been conducting small-scale grayscale testing on Android platforms.

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