Tianjiao advertising alliance to join the Chinese network launched Operation booking serviceFox Amoy

Chinese network is medical cosmetic plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery professional consulting website, including the eyelid surgery, plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, chest surgery, liposuction slimming, laser skin and other columns. China plastic surgery network is committed to become China’s plastic surgery industry internet leader, dedicated to serving the global Chinese.

first, why don’t you trust the site, or because your site visibility is too low, unlike some of the old network, then we can indirect relationship with these large pull, improve trust. You can deliberately in the title or page write "taobao partner", "most trusted taobao shopping guide website" and so on, or write "millions of users strongly recommend taobao shopping guide website" and you can build relationships with major stations, such as Taobao’s, Sina’s "shopping station" "but under the shopping guide website which relates to the issue of intellectual property rights, but we do such a small site, basically did not care for you, as you do.


advertising if there is any doubt in the process, please contact Tianjiao Www.Uniontj.Net customer service contact

some friends will say, "my website traffic is very high, but it is through my website link to Taobao to buy too little, the Commission naturally less, how to improve the present situation?". In fact, this is the transaction conversion rate is too low because of that we have to analyze why the conversion rate, so low? In fact, if you look at issues from the standpoint of consumers, if you are a consumer, casually in the net and found a shopping site, although that is the Taobao shopping guide, are open Taobao stores, but consumers have doubts, dare to adventure, because most people don’t know how to distinguish between genuine and fake shop. With the adventure, why not go directly to buy Taobao? This is a problem of trust, network is a virtual scene, virtual represents false things too much, so many people have to be vigilant, this is no ground for blame. But standing in the angle of our broad stationmaster, how can we reduce this kind of distrust psychology of consumer?.

through the "China net" brand promotion, advertising alliance to Tianjiao DEDECATES launched 7 yuan of China CPA online booking advertising, so that patients and the hospital exchange becomes efficient and rigorous, and forming a virtuous cycle of win-win situation website, hospitals and patients.

second, in addition to the title of efforts can also be on the page deliberately pull relationship with Taobao, for example, may have a few columns, you can use "Taobao the best women’s clothing store ranking" and "Taobao the best selling shop" and other words, it can cause the consumer’s curiosity, can also increase the trust degree, the >

in this regard, we can learn from friends or SNS website practices, to increase the interactivity of the site, so that consumers dispel doubts. Do one or two of the following, can effectively improve the website trust, turnover will also improve:

Taobao now launched Taobao customers can be described as a raging fire, many friends are operating, and even many big name websites have joined in. So many people do so, how much money?. The data can not be verified, but the real money will not exceed 20%. There are many reasons why most of my friends can’t earn money, such as not website promotion, do not know SEO, do not know how to effectively publicize, or simply point is not to do, just three days two days fishing shrimp, not to do one thing wholeheartedly, executive power is too low. Here does not discuss the individual executive power aspect question, if is in the execution power, the intention level is enough, still cannot make money, then must consider whether is the detail aspect question.

Chinese network myopia by integrating own resources, to guide the new surgical technique for treatment of myopia, myopia excimer surgery popularization principle and related knowledge, has helped China three hundred million myopia patients to clearly understand the principle of prevention or treatment of myopia, myopia and myopia disease; Chinese network throughout the country to provide information for the treatment of myopia institutions need to do myopia surgery the user, to provide convenient and safe operation arrangement, and the value of 200-1000 yuan preferential operation.

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