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later they sold the company to E>

, he taught programming himself on that machine by cracking video games. Prior to his trip to the United States, he received a formal training, a master’s degree in mechanical engineering technology in Romania, and a minor in computer science. But after the United States, his educational background and degree were not recognized and accepted.

when he made some progress in selling records, he bought himself a Commodore 64 computer for nearly a year’s pay. editor’s note: Commodore, a personal computer company with apple, has created a series of miracles. Its Commodore 64 is an epoch-making product that has enabled many families to understand the concept of computers for the first time, known as the "Volkswagen" in computers".

Taobao online shop to make money do not make money reasons

his entrepreneurial experience was quite attractive. While in Romania, he earned his living by selling music records, when he taught himself a little English by listening to English songs by Pink Floyd Pink Floyd.

got a job as a taxi driver when he arrived in the United states. So he had the good fortune to meet provides great help for his entrepreneurial Andrew Sachs Andrew Saxe. Sax learned by car that Georgi was interested in computers and invited him to have time to interview himself at his office.

Romania entrepreneur Christian · Georgi Christian Gheorghe entrepreneurial experience is a typical case of the wonderful enough to start empty-handed, Hollywood was made into a movie, sometimes even he felt incredible.

in retrospect, he’s still happy. "People were asking me," you said, "are you crazy?"

you have to ask those people who make money in Taobao Taobao online shop to make money, they will certainly make money by common consent answer, why do they make money, there is a strong executive power, the two is not afraid of difficulties the courage to challenge the spirit, are difficult to overcome, so as to progress, maybe someone they said that sales of products sell well, it is not on the one hand, you can also choose to sell, he is the key every day in the Taobao store promotion knowledge, how to do their own shop more and more perfect, taobao too fake this is a fact, such as their sales of a brand, and sales of copycat version of the seller very much, in such cases he is out of money or what? People also encountered such a thing, their approach is very simple, they do not encounter such a thing Shake, adhere to their own brand, customer centric, meet customer needs, because in the eyes of customers, they are also thinking about "brand power", so we should give ourselves confidence, if you because of Shanzhai


Sax runs a computer software consultancy. He hired Georgi and the two men to start a new company. In fact, the company they co founded was probably the oldest big data company in history, but they didn’t call it that at two.


Taobao online shop profitable money making method

want to make money online, toss about the thought and thought and thought of the Taobao shop, but I do not know Taobao online shop to make money, in the Taobao online shop we pursue is to make money, if not to make money is not a choice, taobao shop sales of products has become a lot of people make money online, there are a lot of people in desire, there are a lot of people to abandon, different parties to the voice of the people, but in the end the shop taobao to make money not to make money, not money can say forever because you have not chosen the right products and adequate execution, make money even if his product selection is not good, but his execution and promotion of knowledge learning sales skills, ask Taobao online shop to make money for you, my answer is of course to make money Oh ~

he came to the United States from Romania in the early 90s of the last century, with only 26 dollars in his pockets, and he could not speak English at that time. He lives in a youth hostel and drives a taxi to make a living.

now, he’s busy running his own fourth start-ups. He sold 3 start-ups, third of which were sold to SAP in 2007, at about $500 million in OutlookSoft.

let’s go to see the negative people, he chose to give up Taobao, some people also want to choose and see someone give up because Taobao himself did not dare to choose, and a rule is your negative I positive, positive over negative negative people! If there is no positive attitude so he would have been so negative go on, positive people maintain a positive attitude, encounter difficulties will go to overcome, they chose to give up first because of fear of competition, second is really not to earn money and chose to give up, Taobao is a store, buy the same things and of course a lot of people, so that the benefits of three point one can help freedom of choice for consumers, but can help sellers to improve all aspects of their three factors, is thriving taobao scale, people who are afraid of competition you will always stay in the original No, because there is no competition, so the competition ability to exercise, you give up you will lose a chance to exercise, do not make money as I’ve said, you are not master Taobao sales skills, you don’t have time to learn the store promotion techniques do not make money is so very reasonable!

BI Chinese station reported on May 12th

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