From the website optimization analysis of product page design need to pay attention to what point

of the user experience

site within the chain construction is very important, to increase access to the depth of the user, but also need to pay attention to the construction of the chain of skills. The first is between the page to have correlation, relevant content through the chain construction, not only can increase the spider access efforts, but also greatly improve the website’s friendly experience, search and satisfy the needs of users, on the contrary if not related to the content of each other, will cause great influence, the

product page anchor text reasonable join, enhance the target page optimization strength

URL address specific, unique

to be honest do not care about the size, is not to say that the grassroots webmaster cannot create miracles, think of yourself at this site for more than a year, many words also do the relevant ideal position, profit natural matter of course, some friends will ask me why their website could not insist? Sometimes the problem in Webmaster itself, your website seriously, natural sites take you seriously, although is a small site, we need to carefully design the product page, only in this way will make their sites get long-term development.

From the perspective of website optimization before

like I said "analysis", we have the following visual interpretation of search engine a product page layout point.

avoid the correlation between one page

this is a people not pay special attention to the place, especially the novice webmaster, they do when the site will often allow multiple URL addresses to the same page, but this will make their own website weight is difficult to integrate, and the weight drop will definitely affect the optimization of the product page, this is a chain effect. For example www.xxx贵族宝贝/product-1.html = and on my website in the presentation of the page are the same, this URL address dispersion is very common in many people’s website, then I put Session ID, statistical code is easy to cause the unnecessary repetition of content is not in the URL, robots.txt file and then banned the spider included specific pages, is to solve this problem.

in Shanghai Dragon 3 times, we put too much focus on the user experience, in fact, website optimization is done well, depends largely on the internal links. So in the daily maintenance and construction process, we should be reasonable to join the internal anchor text, this will make relevant products together, the maximum to meet the needs of users, promote products trading, from search engine angle, internal anchor text added will make the whole website on as a whole. Increase the depth of search and index level spider sense.

Although the

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