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site traffic to a site’s ranking, the role is underlined, but many students mistakes just appear here, the daily traffic should be how to do? In fact, the best source is: share channel flow. When you write an article, remember to share, because you pre site not ranking, may not be the only source of natural flow, flow through their own to share, what is the shared channel, here for everyone.

, the first self introduction, I do, but also to optimize the small website, now in a decoration company to our local office marketing manager, and why is it, because I have another business, do their own studio. Small qq:12140060007 welcome to increase mutual exchange of Shanghai dragon

today, Shanghai dragon ink to share the optimization strategy of 贵族宝贝yfhlj贵族宝贝/ website! Hello, I am Putian Lanyun network company of Shanghai dragon ink, not for a long time and we met, once a year free ah, usually are busy not. This waffling, a is not easy, you have to give you leave a little dry cargo! Otherwise you also feel very sorry, is not. The following will give us some experience to share my experience of Shanghai Longfeng ranking, also hope to have a little help to the new students.

website is the two station, I mainly responsible for the optimization of the course, there are a few other small, but it is few to earn pocket money.

share today

first, personally, do Shanghai dragon must be patient, like the original, but scrapped 10 brother a few websites, light and space domain name fee fee to spend thousands of ocean, now I think I really love, but also did not make a point score, then carefully summarize the reason, is to keep enough. Do not feel half, chenbuzhuqi, and changed, what also didn’t get the results.

the Shanghai dragon second key points, basic optimization must be in place as a new station, when we have no resources, no flow conditions, the fight is our optimization.

third points, can not ignore the traffic sources.

conventional optimization station optimization are basically the same routine, is nothing more than robots, sitemap, alt, nofollow, 301, 404, rul standard, and then, within the chain anchor text, Links, buy Links! To parse the xxmnlshs贵族宝贝 and 贵族宝贝xxmnlshs贵族宝贝/ love Shanghai think they are not the same content in time domain name resolution. So we should choose a 301 redirect. Or DNSPOD (effective period for one month)

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the following main contents:

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