Discussion why should the Shanghai dragon belt chain

is above two of the anchor text links to love Shanghai also won’t bring you down right? So why do we have to add the chain?

. So why do some sites with the inner chain caused by K? The answer is wrong in the chain. I went to see a lot of K off the site and not because of the anchor text links with K, but he is free. For example, he will give home with a chain in the home key place, in an easy to understand terms or keywords is with a link. I need to take these?

with chain? First, solve the needs of users. > Second,

a lot of people will say to do optimization is actually within the page do not need to bring in the chain, especially the content of this article is not with anchor text links. The article with internal anchor text links to the user experience has a great influence, a serious cause site drop right or be K. Is this?

then we look at the linked page. K site is within the chain to do keyword ranking and do, so they will put the keyword page do, pages inside a anchor text links to the home page, or directly to a column page link. Now think about, so we will click a link anchor text is because they do not understand the meaning of a noun or a certain operation, technology. Our purpose is to find it and click on the specific explanation. Then explain our home page and column page is a noun and technical operation? Of course, our home is the website content summary, the content page is a list of articles and products. At this time the user will wonder: what are you going to tell me what? Do you want me to find in it? Which one is it? As long as the user to think, users never to think, because of the Internet to find information cost is too low. So the user will shut down the page, and he will think that you write the content is not reasonable, there is deception.

chain. When you edit the article found in a concept of users may not understand, then you can link to a specific page.

is certainly not need, why should I bring a link?

First we look at In fact, this is not What are the benefits of

anchor text link. We in the Google webmaster forum to see the link when there are many, many people will ask Google so much chain Never mind, why do we bring some link is down right? Now you think about when you read the Google webmaster forum posts are most within the chain you have clicked? Yes. Whether Google or love Shanghai encyclopedia, do link place is a noun or the majority of users do not understand technology, since it is not so sure we will understand to click on these contents. Just click on the link, then this link is useful, there are weight transfer. The role of the link is certainly consistent with the search engine optimization to the user, of course love Shanghai will not go to these sites K.

If the

We need to add the

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