A moving network throughout the Shanghai dragon strategy originates from the data analysis

from the above data, the current Shanghai dragon can bring flow is the main home and corporate blog two ranking, the first page keyword is the main source of "moving company in Chongqing, Chongqing, moving company moving"; the source of enterprise blog is the main source of enterprise name search, the company advertised in newspapers and other in addition, some traditional media, word of mouth, so the search business name or some of the traffic.

enterprise blog: this part is the enterprise personnel in the update, direct copy some internal information, also let them put the company’s activities through the diary record, and the growth of the company. The boss assigned task, each employee is seriously completed. The original power ah, the enterprise blog can also bring good rankings.

The analysis of

Forum: are reproduced in local news, the main is to improve.

from the survey analysis of the above keywords before, home key we are close to the limit, with key areas related to play on the target, and the ranking is awesome. Next, is the key to the optimization of the subdivision area keywords, such words include: area + area + move move; diary; area + moving route, road. And move, move the weather this kind of tool class keywords.


data analysis

home page: Links rich, basically a related industry website with the same level of website chain, more than 20, this is the home page ranking reason better. The only drawback is that the quality of the chain is not too high, affected the play of the weights of the website. You can drive more page ranking.

2, the development of Shanghai dragon

3, the current situation and reasons of Shanghai dragon


took over a moving industry website has been two weeks, ranking and included quantity has been a bottleneck. A few days after the analysis of the data see light suddenly started to develop new strategies, immediately. The first data on the picture.

needs to expand is mainly, Chongqing district traffic, most find moving company, in addition to the scope of search "Chongqing" such a large, will search their area or area keywords near largely District, such as Chongqing, several major shopping district keywords "Shapingba" and "Guanyin Bridge" "Nanping" "Yangjiaping" well, area name. Through data analysis, it can be found that the combined area + moving company ", than the simple" Chongqing moving company "flow several times higher, but also more targeted customers.

partition project page: 24 hours the amount collected has been good, the spider crawl is normal, included low proportion, no ranking, is visible on the content of the problem. Although their updated original articles, but most of the content of the page is estimated to be short, love Shanghai for the judgment of garbage article.

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